Unique requests and Blasts from the Past

Jill shared a story about the project she brought it. It started out as a joke gift from her sister that was a whole difficult black and white drawing that was made into a puzzle.  Her sister thought it would be an impossible challenge to put it together. Jill turned the trick around and actually completed the large puzzle and colored it like a coloring sheet and then glued it together and gave it back to her sister for Christmas.  Jill brought it in us to scan it in so that she would have a digital copy of it to keep.

A proud papa brought in a small heart shaped locket that he was giving to his daughter and has us resize his photos to really tiny so that he could cut them out and put them in the locket. Memories make gifts more special. I had a unique request from another client to add translucent angel wings and a halo to two different people in different photos. I’m not sure what the story is behind this one but it is definitely out of the box.

Yvonne had us transfer a video tape of when she was a twirler on a cruise voyage. See a clip of it here, pretty impressive. Always great to have a recording of your moment of fame.

Modified a joke photo for another client by making her friends thighs thinner in photo.  When getting further instructions to do the project I asked her if she wanted them slightly thinner or freakishly thinner. She said to push the line toward being freakish.  It involved filling in the background behind her now thinner legs.

Christian brought in a whole newspaper from 1945 from The Minot Daily News in North Dakota.  He had us scan in just the front page that announced when the Japanese surrendered during World War II. Our client was 4 years old when it happened and he remembered how jubilant all the adults were. He wanted to preserve it for his grandchildren.  We gave him a digital copy of the paper on a flash drive.

We are working on a large video transfer project for the Semester at Sea Program at Colorado State University. We are making mp4 video files of their whole collection of marketing and communication videos through the years.  We enjoy traveling vicariously through our client projects. Here is a photo of Wes with plenty of videos to transfer.

This unique 8 track project came with quite a story. They had a friend who made mix 8-track tapes for them to enjoy on their weekend dates over 50 years ago. They have 12 of these tapes that they will send to us from time to time and they plan to enjoy listening to the CDs in their motorhome. See her note to the left and the 8 track with her list of songs.

 We also got in this review from a recent client, Kathy.
Thank you Leave A Legacy for transferring my 25 year old cassette tape and three 20 year old cassette tapes of family interviews.  Wes answered all my questions prior to me mailing my treasured tapes to Colorado.  The turnaround time was as promised.  I highly recommend your services.

Scanned slides for Robert from his tour in Vietnam and scanned old photo collection for Melvin. His he told us about the sod school house photo and a photo of his grandfather on a baseball team in 1909.

We scanned in a collection of interesting photos for Jim. It included a photo of the Westernairs, the Vegas strip show sign (performers included Gladys Knight, Perry Como and Rusty Warren) and a snow sculpture all from 1970.  All interesting in their own right.