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Long Lost Family & The Nixon Tapes

Vicki has been declared the family memory keeper and she is buried under a collection of films and print photos. She brought them in to Leave A Legacy to start digitizing the family history to share with everyone else.  We started with an 8mm film reel of when her neighborhood friends put on their own production of “You’re a Good Man,
Charlie Brown.”  It’s quite something for a neighborhood to put on.  See if you can identify Lucy, Snoopy, Sally and Charlie Brown.  Next was digitizing a collection of photos, including a photo restoration.  All it needed was a quick spot removal and adjusted contrast, but it made a big difference!   Got to love those classic old hairstyles!  Now they have their legacy digital media to keep.

Inspiration from Recent Legacy Projects.

We remember with excitement all of the many projects we completed for clients over the past month. Thinking of all of the joy that was brought to many homes when families received the gift of memories.
Here are some of the interesting projects from last month: Jamie had a VHS of her social studies project from school when she interviewed her grandparents. Now she wants to gift the digital files to her mother and aunt.

What to do with your old media and equipment once you have it all transferred by Leave A Legacy, Inc.

Donate your old working VCRs and video cameras to Leave A Legacy, Inc. Click here to download and printable copy of this blog. Other old electronics can be dropped off at Best Buy for recycling…free! Recycle your old media and equipment: Ship to Green disk 25 pounds for $15 and then$0.50/# for more  greendisk.com to …

What to do with your old media and equipment once you have it all transferred by Leave A Legacy, Inc. Read More »

Explosions, Story Telling and Homemade Bread

Teresa brought in a collection of 74 audio cassettes to be transferred to mp3 files.  The cassettes are all recordings made of her dad reading classic books.  He is very expressive.  They have copies of all of the books to follow along.  These mp3 files will now be played for his great grandchildren. What a great treasure to pass down through the generations. Check out his wonderful voice as he introduces the book “All Creatures Great and Small” that he is going to read.

Some recent project highlights

Rob brought in some old 8mm silent family home movies to be transferred to digital files on a flash drive. They look to be to be late 6os and early 70s. Check out this quick clip complete with babies, puppies, classic cars, hair rollers, pointy eye glasses, house dresses, and old fashioned edge trimming the yard all in 1 minute. Bring back any blasts from the past for you?