PAL - Foreign Format Transfer Service

PAL - Foreign Format Transfer Service

Costs for foreign format transfer service starts at $40:

  • $40/tape for transfer to DVD or mpg4 digital files.

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PAL – foreign format transfer service is our specialty at Leave A Legacy. We understand that video formats can be confusing, especially when dealing with foreign formats. Let’s break it down for you:

We can transfer NTSC-formatted tapes used in the United States, PAL-formatted tapes used in Europe (except for France) and Australia, M-PAL-formatted tapes used in Brazil (which play on NTSC but only in black and white), N-PAL-formatted tapes used in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and Secam-formatted tapes used in France. We also handle MeSecam-formatted tapes, which stand for Middle Eastern Secam.

If you have other video tapes besides VHS, VHSC or 8mm that require transfer, we’ll need your foreign-formatted video camera to do the job. Our team has the expertise and equipment to handle any type of video transfer with precision and care.

We can also convert foreign-formatted DVDs to NTSC (US format) DVDs or give you digital files for use on your computer. Many clients have mistakenly purchased PAL DVDs from other countries, only to find they won’t play on American players. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We can also convert NTSC-formatted videotapes, DVDs, or digital files into PAL-formatted DVDs for use in foreign countries. Leave A Legacy takes pride in handling all types of video transfers in-house, ensuring quality control and protecting your treasured memories from potential loss or damage.

The quality of foreign-formatted VHS tapes degrades over time due to dust, heat, and moisture. Preserve your precious memories by transferring them to DVD with our trusted foreign-formatted VHS transfer service. Our in-house staff has over a decade of experience in handling foreign-formatted VHS tapes, so you can trust us to take care of your tapes with the utmost care.

We offer the option to edit your videos in-studio or provide you with raw files for editing on your home computer. Our team can remove undesirable clips, isolate important segments, and adjust lighting, color, and titles to create the perfect finished product.

If your foreign-formatted video tape is broken, we’re here to help. Leave A Legacy can repair your VHS tape or 8mm video tape and then transfer it to DVD or digital files, so you can enjoy your memories once again.

Finally, we recommend making extra copies of your disks to share with family members and keep as backup in case of disaster. Let Leave A Legacy help you preserve your precious memories for years to come with our PAL – foreign format transfer service.

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