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U-matic Transfer Services

U-matic Video Transfer Services

U-matic transfers available online and in person. View more information about this service below.

Shop online and mail in your tapes to our Fort Collins location or drop your tapes off at our Fort Collins or Denver location today.

Every project is unique. Tell us how you want to share your history.

Back in 1971, U-matic revolutionized the world of video formats with its cassette-based design, a departure from traditional reel-style tapes. These beloved U-matic tapes, also known as 3/4″ tapes, hold cherished memories that are increasingly difficult to relive on modern screens. But fret not! Preserve your precious moments by converting your U-matic tapes to DVD or digital files, ensuring their longevity for generations to come.

At Leave A Legacy, our highly skilled team handles all video transfers in-house, guaranteeing meticulous care and upholding the highest quality standards. We take pride in offering more than just a transfer service. Not only can you edit your videos in our studio, but we also provide you with the raw files, empowering you to exercise your creativity using video editing software on your own computer. The possibilities for enhancing and customizing your digital video files are virtually limitless. Our expert editors can assist you during the editing process, or if you prefer, you can take the reins and make the edits yourself using our user-friendly software. Once the edits are complete to your satisfaction, we can burn a disk for you or export a finished file for convenient viewing on your computer or safekeeping in the cloud.

Don’t overlook the importance of having extra copies of your disk. Not only do they allow you to share your precious memories with other family members, but they also provide a valuable backup in a secondary location, safeguarding your memories from unexpected disasters.

We can transfer not just U-Matic but all of these types of videos to DVD and digital files.

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