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Video Transfer Service

Preserve your valuable and irreplaceable video footage with our reliable video transfer service. Say goodbye to that cramped basement storage and entrust the Leave A Legacy team in Fort Collins to securely transfer your cherished VHS, 8mm, MiniDV tapes, and more, ensuring they stand the test of time.

Every project is unique. Tell us how you want to share your history.

Video Transfer Service Convert Videos To DVD or Digital Files In Fort Collins

Unlock your treasured memories hidden in storage containers with our expert video transfer service. From film to DVD conversion, VHS to DVD, or any media transfer, including audio, Leave A Legacy preserves your family’s history with utmost care.

Revive old movies, edit videos, and transfer any vintage footage to DVD, Blu-ray, or digital files. We offer a wide range of digital file formats such as MOV, AVI, mp2, mp4, and more.

To ensure lasting preservation, we save all video files onto external hard drives. You can provide your own, or we can offer one for purchase. Let your cherished videos come to life once again!

A quick video on videotape types

A quick video on how to repair a VHS Tape

Here’s an idea: Plan a movie night soon. Show everyone the golden moments in your family’s personal history … and then put those movies onto a modern and durable Gold DVD for generations to enjoy!

With our exceptional video transfer service, we can convert your VHS tapes or film stock (8mm, Super 8, or 16mm) to high-quality DVD. Preserve your old home movies from deterioration or loss, and make multiple copies to share with your loved ones. Our editing options ensure a crisp and professional film-to-DVD conversion. From Mini-DV to Beta, and even international formats, there’s no video type we can’t handle!

All conversions are made onto standard DVD-Rs or long-lasting gold archival DVDs, perfect for preserving irreplaceable content. We can also add a personalized photo and text label to your disk. Our turnaround time is typically one week, making sure your memories are ready to be cherished once again. Entrust your film transfers to Leave A Legacy—the go-to memory central for media transfers in Colorado.

For more advanced needs, our artful video editing service allows you to tailor your films precisely how you desire. Whether splicing family movies or creating a montage, we’ll ensure your vision comes to life. If you’re in the Front Range area in Colorado, you can even try self-service video editing with our assistance.

Additionally, we offer various equipment for use in our studios, including DVD players, 8mm video cameras, miniDV cameras, light tables for viewing slides and negatives, and VHS players. You can also rent a projector from us to showcase your video productions on a large screen, providing a cinematic experience for your friends and family. Your stories deserve to be seen, and we’re here to make that happen!

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