Mountains of Memories

Things are still hopping busy at Leave A Legacy.  We have decided to get some more help in preserving memories and have recently hired 2 new team members.  Please welcome Eliza and Christy to the team. We think the growth in Leave A Legacy during this pandemic has come from people realizing what is important (family and preserving and sharing of family memories) and because people have time to go through their storage areas.  Here are some stories of projects that have come to our door recently.

We are getting more and more Legacy projects mailed to us.  We got some Jaz drives to transfer from one man living in Kaunakakai, HI (it was fun to mention to him when he called in that we have actually been to Molokai, HI). We got a phone call from a client in Australia who was wondering if we accept International projects.  She had some 8-track tapes that she wanted transferred to mp3 files.

Marsha worked on creating a custom designed senior advertisement for a daughter’s year book.  Jostens has limited layout templates and they just weren’t working for what our client wanted.  She brought the images and text to us and had us lay it out just how she wanted it.  There is virtually no limit to the layout that Leave A Legacy can do for you.

Justin called to ask us some questions about the security and privacy of his video transfer.  He said that some other service he checked out actually made you sign away your rights to your footage.  He had some sensitive footage that he defiantly didn’t want shared.  I reassured him that we certainly don’t share any of our client’s materials and only use small samples to inspire other clients…but we always get permission to do so.  We also don’t copy protect any of our output.  At Leave A Legacy your family memories remain as belonging to you.  We don’t copy protect our discs or files.  If you and your computer know how to duplicate it you can. If either you or your computer don’t know how then you have a problem…and Leave A Legacy is here to help!

 Jim brought in a cassette of deceased son-in-law playing piano music. It was the last recording just before he died in 1989. For another funeral, the following day, we transferred the singing of the Lord’s Prayer on cassette to CDs.

Book, books and more books.  Marsha and Aspen have been working on designing, printing and binding a variety of books for clients. 225 pages, 10 printed copies and 10 digital copies for Maureen of her family history in pictures.  It included about 800 photos and captions.  What a family treasure.  Larry’s photo book about his cruise on the Rhine in 2019….he has another trip scheduled this year.  Other books included: Gary’s book of his tax records and old financial documents, Angela’s European vacation book of her big trip with her 3 adult kids that she raised on her own, a family generations book for a prominent family in Denver, Nancy’s addendum photo and memorabilia book of her daughter’s growing up years and duplicated scrapbook pages for Georgia.  What family history do you have that needs to be preserved and shared.