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Bring in your mess! Send or bring your dusty boxes full of films, slides, and prints. We’ll organize everything to tell the story you want to share.

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Leave A Legacy is all over this sort of deliberate memory-making. But what about some downtime for reflection and sharing of your many precious moments? Oh, you don’t have any downtime? We can solve that for you! We are offering something altogether new! A comprehensive solution to getting your pictures into the light of day and out of your shoeboxes. 


Our organization service is like taking your receipts to the CPA and that financial genius getting your tax deductions figured out from there. We do the same sort of sleuthing – only with your family memories. It’s a huge added value in the world of capturing and sharing memories.

Let US pour through your mementos, images, and movie clips. We’re sleuthing storytellers and we are experts at putting everything in chronological or thematic order. Bring US your tubs! We’ve had a tub of mixed-up photos brought to us with the simple instructions: To organize all the photos chronologically and ultimately create 3 books. . . one for the dad, and one for each of his two sons.  It was tricky telling who was who in the collection of random photos – especially when the boys were babies. But, we didn’t even have to call the client – we figured out who belonged to whom and the entire sequencing for each memory book.
The client proofed all the pages before we printed and bound them and the only changes he made were to add a few more photos. No worries! This is what Sort A Legacy™ means. We do all your production work! Now you can celebrate events like your parents’ Silver Anniversary or the Bowling Team tournament via digital photobooks or custom video clips that WE put together for you.
We do all the work, not only arranging the pictures in a way that packs an emotional punch but also embellishing the images with graphics and callouts – even audio sound bites if you like. SPECIAL: You might even plan an annual compilation. Provide all your digital or print photos of the last year, from January to December, and we’ll tell a visual story about your activities in, say, 2013. Before you know it, you’ll be on to another breathless year, so capturing this sort of month-by-month retrospective is well worth doing! 

So, what about that shoebox in your closet? Some of your finest memories are curling at the edges, collecting dust. Remember: it’s not just about getting the perfect shot—it’s about sharing them. So leave the storytelling to us. Leave A Legacy can be both the producer and director of your next story. Find out how to bring your story to light by calling the team at Leave A Legacy. You can count on Leave A Legacy to make your experiences come vividly to life, for generations to enjoy. Pricing for organizational services starts at $60 per hour. 

We preserve memories with digital creations that are one of a kind. Your kind! 


Every project is unique. Use the form below to get started or call us at (970) 226-0102 for Ordering & Questions:

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