Betamax Transfer Service

Betamax Transfer Service

Betamax To DVD or Digital File Pricing starts at $14/hr

  • Betamax Video to DVD or digital files – $14/hr on the tape
  • If getting digital files we will need to save to flash drive or external hard drive. You can provide or we charge $15-80 for a drive based on file size.

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If you have a collection of Betamax tapes gathering dust, it’s time to bring them to Leave A Legacy for our Betamax transfer service. Betamax videos, like VHS tapes, degrade over time, so it’s essential to convert them to DVD or digital files before the quality deteriorates any further.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to transfer your Betamax videos to a digital format. With the availability of Betamax players becoming scarce, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a player that can still play your tapes. Our in-house technicians will handle the entire transfer process to ensure that your tapes are transferred correctly, and we never send your videos to an outsourcing company.

At Leave A Legacy, we provide you with options for Betamax transfer, including converting them to digital files or playable DVDs. Plus, we don’t just transfer your videos – we offer additional services, like the ability to edit your video in-studio and provide you with raw files to edit on your home computer. Contact us today to get started with our Betamax transfer service.

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