Remembering a Loved One

Here is a collection of ideas to help  you memorialize, honor, document and otherwise remember a loved one. Most of the ideas come from my own experience when each of my parents and my grandmother passed away.  All of these projects are priceless treasures in their own way to my family.  I made multiple copies of each project to share with my kids, by brother and my aunts, uncles and cousins. We have samples of most of these projects in our Fort Collins location.

Sympathy Card Book

Scan in all of the cards and create a book to share all of the cards with siblings, aunts, uncles, and children. You can also include all email and memorial site messages.




Celebrating a Life Book & Slideshow

We take your collection of print and digital photos and even slides and negatives. Pull them all together in the order you like and create a book and /or DVD slideshow.  See a sample at: . See a list of song suggestions for your memorial slideshow.

Collection of Letters

One thing I gathered together after my parents’ passing was a bunch of family letters. It begins with letters from my father to my mother when they were dating. Most of the letters were family updates written and mailed to family members over the years starting when my brother was born. Later there were letters from my brother and I sent back home to Mom and Dad. After all the letters were put in order, and scanned we printed and bound several copies to share with aunts, uncles, grandparents, my siblings and copies for my own 3 kids.

Final Days Diary

The process of dying is not usually easy. This book contains the email updates and correspondence made during the final weeks of my Mom’s life between other family members and myself.

Marvelous Quotes

This book was made from all of the positive and encouraging slips 

of paper, notes and pages that my mother had gathered and collected throughout her belongings. It’s a great way to keep her positive and uplifting attitude alive for her family.




Bookmark Keepsake

Make a bookmark for a memento for all guests to keep from the

 service. Include a photo, the obituary, favorite sayings, Bible verse or quote. They are often laminated to protect.

Large Portrait

Bring in a quality portrait and we will scan at high resolution, do any necessary restorations and touch-ups and then print it large scale to show framed at the service.

Thank You Cards

We can make custom thank you cards with a photo, obituary, handiwork, art or message included.



Poetry Book

I collected all of the poems of my grandmother had written through the years, scanned them all in, then printed and bound them in a book. The cover was created with a special photo of her and her name.

Photo Collage

A collection of photos through the years that are arranged resized and then printed on a large poster.


Hobby/Craft Book

Collect photos and write-ups of all of their creations. It could be woodworking, quilting, needlework, hunting, antiques, stamps, painting and the like. Document it for all to see, enjoy and remember.

New Life to Old Albums

Compile all of the old albums your loved one collected. Instead of splitting them all up amongst family members collect them all and bring them in to be scanned. Once they are scanned all the files can be saved to disc and inexpensive copies can be made for others. Complete book reprints can be made as well as new, much thinner versions. Oversized albums can be scanned as well and reprinted as full size or shrunken to fix 8.5×11. The scanned images can be used to create a DVD slideshow of the pages as well.