USB Flash Drive Transfer Service

USB flash drive transfer service

We all have loads of USB flash drives floating around that contain a variety of photo and video files that we don’t want to lose. For some, it may be simple enough to do yourself but sometimes you just need someone to get it done for you.

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USB Flash Drive Transfer Service Details

At Leave A Legacy, we understand the importance of preserving and organizing your digital files, especially those stored on USB flash drives. With our USB flash drive transfer service, we can rescue all the files from your USB flash drives and consolidate them onto a single external hard drive, streamlining your digital life. To bring order to your digital chaos, we recommend sorting the files by the year they were created and creating dedicated digital folders for each year, neatly organizing your photos and videos.

For many of our clients, we offer the option of compiling all the files from a specific year onto playable DVDs, arranged in chronological order. This allows you to easily revisit and enjoy your memories, reliving each moment in the order they were captured.

When it comes to your digital media, the possibilities are endless. We offer a wide range of services that cater to both your digitized old media and your modern digital files. From your precious photos, we can assist you in creating stunning photobooks, captivating slideshows, and artistic photo collages. With your video clips, we can craft compelling video compilations, create playable discs, design video and photo montages, or even help you put together athletic scholarship highlights.

Additionally, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of photos scattered across different sources, consider entrusting us with all the photos from the past year. Our team will diligently work to organize them, ensuring that every moment is properly categorized. Once the photos are beautifully organized, we can transform them into captivating photobooks, engaging slideshows, and more, allowing you to revisit and share your cherished memories with ease.

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