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Photo Printing Services Fort Collins and Denver

We provide the highest quality archival photo prints that will brighten your world and stand the test of time. Our photographic paper is color accurate for lifelike skin tones and a traditional photo finish to make your special moments shine.

Every project is unique. Tell us how you want to share your history.


Looking for top-notch photo printing services? Look no further than Leave A Legacy. We specialize in delivering high-resolution, exquisitely detailed prints that bring your favorite photos to life.

Whether you need photo reproduction and restorations or want to print directly from your original shots, we guarantee the best possible printing quality for your images.

But our services don’t stop at printing. We offer a range of editing options to enhance your photos:

  • Crop your images to achieve the perfect composition.
  • Restore colors to their original vibrancy or transform your photos into timeless black-and-white or sepia tones.
  • Create stunning collages that bring multiple memories together in one frame.

For more information about our photo editing services, give us a call or email us.

Have old photos that have seen better days? No problem! We specialize in photo restoration, breathing new life into damaged or worn-out images. Our skilled team can repair cracks, retouch scratched areas, adjust contrast for added impact, restore faded colors, and even fill in missing image areas. Watch tears and spills disappear before your eyes as we work our magic. Need a head swap or want unwanted people removed from your photo? We’ve got you covered!

And here’s a fun example of our creativity: We once took a woman’s portrait, inserted a bowling ball into her right hand, added personalized text, and designed a custom candy wrapper just for her. The possibilities are endless when it comes to bringing your vision to life.

When it comes to photo printing services, Leave A Legacy is your trusted partner. Visit our Fort Collins or Denver locations to experience the highest quality prints and expert editing services that will make your memories truly shine.

Every project is unique. Use the form below to get started or call us at (970) 226-0102 for Ordering & Questions:

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