Reel To Reel Transfer Service

reel to reel transfer service

Reel To Reel Transfer Service Pricing starts at $20

  • ¼” reels: “3 reel transfer to mp3 or CD  – $20
  • ¼” reels: >3″reel transfer to mp3 or CD -$28

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Preserve the cherished memories stored on your Reel to Reel tapes with our professional reel to reel transfer service. By transferring your tapes to a CD or mp3 format, you can relive the golden standard of analog audio that reel-to-reel once represented. We take great care to ensure that your audio remains uncompromised, never compressed or down-converted, allowing the original sound to shine through.

Estimating the length of time on a reel-to-reel tape can be challenging due to various factors such as tape thickness, reel size, number of recorded tracks (between 1 and 4), and stereo recording. Rest assured, our expert team will handle your tapes with the utmost precision.

Opting for a playable CD ensures compatibility with standard CD players. For recordings exceeding 80 minutes, an additional disk and transfer charge may be required. Alternatively, we can create mp3 files that can be played on computers and various mp3 players, offering flexibility and convenience.

Most commonly, people possess ¼” reel-to-reel tapes, which are half the width of audio cassette tapes. Trust us to handle your precious tapes and deliver high-quality transfers that preserve your cherished audio memories for a lifetime.

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