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Negative Scanning Service

Negative Scanning Service

Negative scanning available online and in person. View more information about this service below.

Shop online and ship your negatives to our Fort Collins location or drop your negatives off at our Fort Collins or Denver location today.

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Looking to convert your old negatives into digital files? Look no further than Leave A Legacy’s negative scanning service, available at our two locations in Denver and Fort Collins. We offer competitive pricing for scanning each image at 1200dpi, providing you with high-quality images that are suitable for printing at a minimum size of 4” x 6”. If you want even higher resolution images, we can scan them at double the price for double the resolution.

Types of negatives for scanning - 35mm 110 120 126 APS 15mm

We specialize in transforming your negatives into positive digital images and can accept them in any sort of container you bring them in. To help keep your negatives organized, we offer the option of saving all the slides from one container into a separate folder for a small additional charge. We can scan a variety of negative sizes, including 35mm, 110, 120, 126, 16mm, and APS, and we can even scan oversized negatives and X-rays, which are usually scanned at 300dpi of their original size.

If you have good quality prints from your negatives, we recommend scanning them instead to save costs and ensure consistent color reproduction. Once your negatives are converted into digital files, you can choose to have us create a DVD slideshow, photo book, calendar, cards, or reprints. At Leave A Legacy, we are limited only by your imagination!

A quick video on checking negatives for the emulsion side:

A quick video on how to clean negatives:

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