Ripping and Copying DVDs and CDs Services

ripping and copying DVDs and CDs services

Starting at $10/disc

Ripping or copying DVDs starts at $10/disc.

Ripping CDs starts at $4.50/disc

Copying CDs starts at $8/disc.

Every project is unique. Tell us how you want to share your history.


Welcome to the one-stop shop for ripping and copying DVDs and CDs, where you can rescue your cherished memories captured on disc and make additional copies for sharing. Please note that this service is for non-copyrighted material, such as your home movies and personal audio recordings.

Many people desire to convert their DVDs into digital files for editing purposes or to save them on portable devices like flash drives or external hard drives. As computers nowadays often lack CD or DVD players, digital files offer future-proof accessibility. Simply plug your storage device into most computers or modern TVs via the USB port. We provide compatible hard drives that work seamlessly with both PC and Mac computers. Our expert team will perform the ripping process, which is entirely safe for your discs, converting video files to mp4 format and playable CDs to mp3 format.

If you require CD or DVD copies, we offer flexible options, starting from as few as one copy to hundreds of copies. Enjoy discounts for larger quantities, such as more than 10, 25, 50, or even 100 copies. Our typical turnaround time is same-day or next-day once we receive your order. Please allow a few days for large-scale duplication projects. Each CD or DVD copy will be neatly housed in a case with a custom label of your choice, enabling you to easily share your memories with family members or even former spouses.

Additionally, we specialize in transferring old analog media. When choosing our transfer service, you can decide whether you want it transferred to DVD or digital files on a flash drive. 

The advantages of having your audio transfers, videos, and films as digital files are numerous. You gain the ability to edit and modify the files using video editing software (such as iMovie for Mac users, Windows Movie Maker, or Adobe Premier for PC users). You can create custom DVDs, export segments for sharing on platforms like YouTube or the cloud, and enjoy seamless playback on your computer (using QuickTime for Mac or Windows Media Player for PC) or modern TVs by simply connecting your drive to a USB port.

Preserve and enhance your DVD and CD collections with our comprehensive ripping and copying services, ensuring your memories remain accessible and shareable for years to come.

Every project is unique. Use the form below to get started or call us at (970) 226-0102 for Ordering & Questions:

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