Film Transfer Service Fort Collins

How would you like to use the same film scanner to record your film that the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood uses? We can help you save your film in the highest quality and in any format you choose. 

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What makes it so awesome: Our new equipment has a cutting-edge capture process that is 100% flicker free, captures each and every frame of your film without contact with your actual images, and uses a high-definition movie scanner (not a camera).

This film scanner was designed at the request of the Academy of Motion Picture Film Archives in Hollywood and boasts a unique system that uses a two-motor design with direct drive take up and rewind, combined with no sprockets, no advance claw, co-capstan, no pinch roller, no belts, and no gears!

This system uses a long-life super bright LED light source without a hot spot and with no heat on the equipment or your film and therefore it will never blister your film! If your film has experienced shrinkage, broken sprocket holes, or bad splices it will navigate the film path with ease.

The Retro units have a built-in high-resolution, machine-vision pick-up that scans in full 24 bit (8:8:8) using industry-standard square pixel orientation.  What this means for you is a much cleaner transfer of your priceless family films. Keeping up with the times we now not only offer film transfer to DVD or Blu-ray but also offer many different types of files that we can export your film to.

An Array of Output options:

  1. DVD or Blu-ray   Typically we pull all of your films (up to about 1800 feet) into a single project and clean up the ends of the films, add in titles, add music or narration, scene selection, and more. You are encouraged to view your project online and dictate any edits or enhancements that you would like. Once finalized we export it to a playable DVD or Blu-ray.  This is an easy-to-view option where you just put the disk into a DVD or Blu-ray player connected to your TV or play it on your computer.
  2. Video File  How about exporting that final project to a video file instead of a DVD? Then you can put it up on the “cloud” to share, save it on your external and play it on your computer or modern tv. You would typically receive an mp4 file but we can do other file types as well.  You can also get a compressed file of all or a portion of your footage to share via email, Facebook, Youtube, or other social media.
  3. Raw unedited film footage  With this option you get the unedited film footage from each reel as mov.  This is for those of you who want to do the editing of your footage from the comfort of your home computer.
  4. Every frame file  How about a huge file of every frame of your film saved as a jpg? Yep, that is now a reality as well.  Figure that it will be .5GB/100 feet of film.  With this file, you can print out a still photo of every frame of your original film.

Every project is unique. Use the form below to get started or call us at (970) 226-0102 for Ordering & Questions:

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