Memory Card Transfer Service

Memory Card Transfer Service

Whether your photos and videos are stored on SD cards, MiniSD cards, MicroSD cards, smart media cards, compact flash cards or a memory stick, Leave A Legacy’s memory card transfer service can access them and copy or move all of the files to a flash drive or other modern digital media of your choice.

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Memory Card Transfer Service Details

Are you worried about losing all of your precious photos and videos stored on outdated memory cards? Worry no more because Leave A Legacy has got you covered with our memory card transfer service. We can transfer your files from SD cards, MiniSD cards, MicroSD cards, smart media cards, compact flash cards, or memory sticks to a flash drive or any other modern digital media of your choice.

Clients come to us for help backing up their digital devices, freeing up storage space, and creating playable DVDs of their photos and videos. We can organize your files by the date they were taken and even create a digital book or a viewable DVD slideshow for you. If you prefer to have hard copies of your photos, we can sort the images into folders for each year and print them in-house.

One of our clients, Leslie, brought in her husband’s micro mini SD card containing thousands of photos and seven and a half hours of video footage. She entrusted us to put all the photos from the year on a data DVD and create playable DVDs for all the video segments shot that year. The subject of the photos and videos was their two little children, so the five DVDs will be a priceless treasure.

Don’t risk losing your precious memories stored on outdated memory cards. Bring them to Leave A Legacy and let us help you preserve them for generations to come.

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