The Story behind: The Calkins Family History Book

Books created for Colleen with all of her documentation and research that she did to join the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Colonial Daughters. It has all of the genealogy back 10 generations to the year 1600. They are documented with ship and immigration records, birth, death and marriage certificates, letters. She included a lot of her own writing to explain it all. She had it all typed up in a word document and we had to scan and insert all of the documents and photos. We printed several copies with nearly all black and white printing and created a photo cover for it using the family crest. 

I once had a client come in and admire the book on display. She inquired about getting a book as well. I assumed that she wanted a similar book created about her family history but she actually wanted a copy of this very book. She is related to the Calkins as well so it was her family history too.  I called Colleen and she granted her permission for us to print another copy to print for Nancy.


140 pages (mostly black and white)

8.5” x 11” photo cover