Rush Discount

Want a 46-78% discount everyday….on all of your old media?  Send it to Leave A Legacy.

Wondering where to get your Rush Discount. Look no further, Leave A Legacy is your answer. The place that advertises on the Rush Limbaugh radio program is Legacy Box.  They are a huge corporation that processes your order through their huge assembly line process.  They excessively mark up all of their prices and then tempt you with a huge discount….especially if you mention Rush Limbaugh or they offer a big discount for a limited time only.

At Leave A Legacy, Inc., a small privately owned, woman owned business, we give EVERYONE our best price and don’t use the mark up so we can give a huge discount tactic.  The prices at Leave A Legacy are 46-78% less than what they are

at Legacy Box every day. Rest assured that your project is personally handled.  The turnaround time at Leave A Legacy is just 7-10 days unlike Legacy Box who takes 6-8 weeks.

At Leave A Legacy we are here to help you preserve your memories….not to be confused with a business just transferring your old media for profit. 

The process?  Put all your old media in your own box with some bubble wrap or packing material to protect it and ship it to us.  Include your name, email address, return mailing address and phone number and describe what you would like us to do with your old media.  No need to count you photos or other old media. No need to put things in separate bags.  We will email you when your project arrives and again when it is complete.  We will take payment when your project is complete.