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The great resignation bug bit us in March when two of our employees quit in one week.  Some ask how we get the work done with fewer people– we just work harder!  This also explains why my newsletter is tardy, but there are so many fascinating projects to share with you.

Judy brought in her collection of 8mm films to convert to digital. The collection starts from the year her first child was born and ends in the year her last child was born.  According to her youngest daughter, the last film is the only one that needs to be transferred, but we got them all done for her! Here is a short clip from her first and her last film.

Our bookbinding projects don’t usually involve taking apart a new book, but Leave A Legacy is always ready to handle anything you need done. For this project, we had to cut the original hardcover off and rebind it in a softcover. Our client wanted to give this encouraging book to a friend in a mental hospital and needed it redone to follow their rules.

Yet another unusual project came to us from Georgia, this one a disc transfer job. An architectural firm mailed us their archive of 1420 data DVDs to copy to a 16 TB drive they provided.

For another unique project we had to transfer a VHS tape whose audio was out-of-sync with the video. Once we converted the VHS to digital, we edited the video and audio back in time with each other.
Gary had reel-to-reel audio letters sent between his family and him while he was serving in Vietnam that Leave A Legacy transferred to digital.  Listen to a clip of this blast from the past with messages of family visitors at home and news of the conflict in Cambodia…. it must have been recorded in the 70s.

The WWII diary of Sheryl’s grandfather is proudly preserved in a library, but she wanted some copies to share with the family.  Taking photos of each page with her phone, she brought them in to Leave A Legacy.  We gathered all the photos, split the two facing pages onto their own page, and printed out 5 copies, complete with a picture of her grandfather and the original cover for the new hard cover books.

 JD had some amazingly clear footage of his sky-diving adventures, but they were stuck on 16mm film. He brought them in to Leave A Legacy to convert film to digital and make it easier to watch and share this memory. Here’s a clip of him making subtle moves with his arm to turn.  Must have had a friend jumping at the same time with a steady camera to get this footage!

When you’re moving overseas, you don’t have room for bulky family photo albums.  A client moving to Iraq had whittled down all of the belongings she’s leaving behind to just 3 boxes, but had an entire collection of family pictures that she needed to convert to digital.  Leave A Legacy scanned photo albums and saved every single one to a flash drive, and now she’s ready to take the albums to a shredding service.
I phones have a lot of storage, but one client had 19,000 photos on his phone!  Leave A Legacy transferred them off his phone and onto a flash drive, freeing up his phone and making the pictures easier to save.

A client in Georgia wanted to play some of the voice messages from his phone at the memorial service for his girlfriend, and Leave A Legacy was able to help him all the way from Fort Collins.  With his phone still in Georgia, Leave A Legacy recorded all of the messages from his voicemail and sent them both by email and on a flash drive.

We had another unusual project, this one for video editing. Our client emailed us some police body cam video with instructions to blur any visual and remove any audio identifying the suspect. With a quick turn-around, we emailed it back to the client.

Along the same lines was a VHS to digital transfer of some police underwater footage of a possible body recovery investigation.

Sharon had a transfer cassette to digital project and Leave A Legacy was able to create a legacy digital memory for her. Listen to a snippet of the priceless recording of her grandmother singing Russian hymns.

We printed and spiral-bound several copies of a site plan and architectural drawings for a memorial for the native children who died in an orphanage many years ago being built at the burial site near Rapid City, South Dakota.