Film Transfer, Photo Restoration, Video Transfer and More Projects

Kathleen brought in a very damaged photo of two cute little girls.  We carefully scanned the 18 x20 crumbling photo in on our wide format scanner, restored its former glory, brought back the sepia tone and then reprinted it as a more manageable photo at 11×17. What a transformation! 

2 cute little girls

We have loads of slides coming in lately.  Where else in town can anyone say they’ve seen mountains of slides recently?  Connie brought in over 800 slides from her travels to Ecuador, South Africa and India from the 60s.  We scanned them all in, restored the color on them and saved them all to a flash drive.  One carousel had a fun surprise in it.  It had some organic material, a
Tagua nut collected while in Ecuador. With a bit of research I learned that they can be dried and carved into art pieces. I also included one of her slide images from Ecuador. Cool that they got to see these large old turtles up close!

Tagua nut in slide carousel, example of carved nut

John had a variety of slides scanned from the 1970s.  We do a color correction on most slides since most of them need it.  We particularly enjoyed this snow day photo complete with a dapper snowman in his collection.  Oh, the memories!

dapper snowman from 1970’s

I thought these fishing photos looked interesting.  They appeared to be a good day of catching catfish. When I asked our client Rebecca about these photos she spoke to her mother and got the whole story.  You can read the whole Catfish Story here.  The bottom line is that our photos help us remember more of the good old days.  This photo was taken before our client was even born but she knows all the people in it and knew where it was taken.  Once we share a few photos with our parents and grandparents the memories start to flow out from the tongue.  Rebecca was glad to have her collection of photos scanned and saved to a flash drive.  Now she can easily share the story with her kids and someday with her grandchildren.

A good “cat” fish story

Kathy brought in a long thin framed photo of her family’s property in Walden, Colorado from 1909.  The original photo was 6” tall by 40” long.  I sure wouldn’t want to pay to have that framed today. If you need some framing check out our friends at Frame de Art. Kathy had us scan in the photo and restore it on the computer and then reprint out 5 full sized restored copies.  We really enjoy helping her scan, restore and share these family memories.

Walden, Colorado 1909….restored

Beth brought in a VHS tape of the construction of the Bethlehem Lutheran School in Bay Ridge, NY in 1960.  It was originally recorded on 8mm film and then transferred to VHS tape along with some peppy music. We took it further and transferred the VHS to a digital file on a flash drive. It had some creative title slides throughout and I shared a segment showing some of the talented masons.  The end of the clip showed the producer of the film and the camera he used to shoot the footage.  Be ready for a chuckle.

film transfer
Films transferred to VHS transferred to digital file.

Clark brought in some super 8 films from when he lived in New York.  I spotted a brief segment of Pope John VI’s visit to New York in 1965 and I also gathered up some classic segments from Christmas in 1958. Notice how they had the toys assembled and arranged for the children to see what Santa had brought them over night.  It’s complete with a rocking horse, radio flyer wagon, a new doll, toy ironing board, tea set and a blouse for mom.

film transfer
1965 Pope visit to NY

Here is the info I found online about his visit. Paul VI made a one-day trip to the U.S. in 1965, also becoming the first pontiff to set foot in the New World. In his 14-hour New York adventure, Pope Paul VI visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue, making a speech to assembled American Catholics in his slight Italian accent. Upon his arrival at JFK Airport, he proclaimed, “Greetings to you, America. The first pope to set foot on your land blesses you with all his heart. He renews, as it were, the gesture of your discoverer, Christopher Columbus, when he planted the Cross of Christ on this blessed soil.”