Mad cow in a human, Washington’s first menu, big 1931 map of rail system scanned & restored and film including race cars and Green beans

Vicki drawing of her father while he was in the service in the

40s. The sketch is over 80 years old and she had just taken it out of the frame for the first time to scan.  We reprinted 6 copies of it for her to share.

Carol the youngest of 8 brought in the cassette recording of her mother being interviewed by Carol’s older brother. She found it buried in a box. Carol wanted the cassette transferred to mp3 file on a flash drive so that she can share it at an upcoming family reunion. Here is a clip of her telling about buying a new house when she had young children.

Carol found us because of a referral from her daughter who had gone to Matador Restaurant next door to us. Carol had a VHS to transfer of her sister from 1995. It was a segment on ABC that was never aired because they ended up canceling it. Her sister was the first person in the USA that contracted Mad Cow Disease and passed away from the disease. She had us make digital files for the whole family to watch on their smart TVs.

Mary brought in Washington’s first menu (at left) from 1978 (Fort Collins bar/music venue in old town).  She had us scan it in, print a copy for them to hand above the current bar and save the files to a flash drive.  It sported a beer for 49cents and a burger for $1.09…..along with great entertainment. @washingtonsfoco

Suzanna brought in a stop motion video on a MiniDV video tape that her son had made to be transferred to mp4 digital files and also brought in a seven reel-to-reels of her mother singing opera 60 years ago that we made into mp3 files on the same flash drive.

Janet brought in two old oval photos of her grandparents in

domed glass frames.  We scanned them in and then reprinted copies for he to share with relatives she is going to meet for the first time on a trip to Oregon.

Julie brought in a huge framed 62” x 40” map of the Union Pacific rail system in 1931.  She had us scan it in, restore it and then reprint in full and half size. Watch the short video of the restoration.

Bruce brought us several super 8 films to transfer to Blu-ray disc.

  There was a whole variety of segments in this one film.  I compiled a brief highlight segment of canoeing, a string of cars getting ready for racing, backyard chicken and kitten, cow, playing a piano and all the produce that was canned one season.

Bree brought in grandma’s old oversized photo album.  She had us scan in the 15×11 inch pages, reprinted a copy of it and saved all of the digital files on a flash drive.