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Leave A Legacy is the place for creating your gift of memories we are the prime location for Preserving Memories with Digital Creations.  We have projects already coming in for the coming Christmas Season.  We get really busy during the Holiday season but we still try to maintain our week to week and a half turnaround.  Most other places have much longer turnaround times even when it isn’t Christmas time. Click here to download this whole document.

Why give the gift of memories?

Does grandma or grandpa or even dad really need a new fleece blanket or sweater?  Instead give them the priceless gift of memories.  That’s what they really want and need.  It will spur on more memories beyond what you show them from your old VHS to DVD transfers or your old 8mm films transferred to digital files. 

Imagine plugging a flash drive in the back of your TV and opening up a window to the past. Gather the family around…the grand kids, the parent and the grandparents…oh, the stories that will come bubbling out.  You will see how grandma used to laugh and how grandpa used to tell wild stories. The grandchildren will see how their parents looked when they were young and maybe they look almost the same as the next generation looks now.

What do I get when I have my videos or films transferred?

We recommend transferring them to mp4 files on a flash or external hard drive.  These are easy to share (copy) and will work better in the future. We can still transfer to DVDs if you prefer.  Many people aren’t ready to work with the digital files but still have a DVD player and know how it works.  When we make digital files each film or each video tape will be its own file.

Ok, So what will make the best gift ever?




Bring in your collection of: Super 8mm film transfer, regular 8mm transfer or 16mm film transfer to mp4 digital files on a flash drive or external hard drive.  Now is the time to bring your family memories back to life.      


Gather up your collection of family video tapes. It’s time to transfer your 8mm, VHS, VHSC, MiniDV, Mini DVD, Umatic tapes and more and save them all to an external hard drive.  A great gift idea for dad.



Leave A Legacy where faded and damaged memories are restored.  We scan it in, restore it on the computer, send you a proof and then print the copies for you to share with the whole family.



Old audio recordings transferred to mp3 files on a flash drive or to a playable CD.  Hear the voices from yesterday again. Transfer audio from cassettes, records, CD, 8 track, micro-cassettes, wire or reel-to-reel. 


Send Leave A Legacy your loose photos and your collection of digital photos and have us layout a custom photo book for you. Several binding options and unlimited options of backgrounds for your pages.  You may also send us a book that you laid on the computer and we will print and bind it for you.



Tubs, carousels or albums full of photos?  We can scan in slides, negatives, loose photos or pages of your photo albums.  Once your images are digital the option are endless.  We can make your images into books, a slideshow or even restore your old images.



Now’s the time.

Gather up your pile of memories and send it or bring it in to Leave A Legacy today.  It can be a mess or organized.  We will take your dusty pile of old media and transform it into an amazing, priceless beautiful treasure to be shared with family and enjoyed for generations.