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We are more open now.  See how we do Leave A Legacy in Fort Collins currently. Our Denver studio is open as usual with Marsha doing transports again on Wednesday mornings. We kept fairly busy during the shutdown with a few hours a week of no contact pick up and drop offs.  We moved some of our equipment home to our dining room so we could/can work from there. Check out the photo of the nice view from my dining room picture window. We are getting many more projects mailed into us from other states.  I even have a client from Canada who has called about sending me 1800 slides to carefully clean.  We have directed clients to ship to our home address instead of the store since we are only there some days. Let me know if you want the address for shipping projects to us.

These shelter at home days have given many of us more time to work on collecting and pulling together our photo, video, film and audio memories.  Many people have put off working on this worthy project until they have more time…..when the kids start school, when the kids move out, when I retire…. well hell has finally frozen over and many of us have had the time to work on them.  So bring them on in. Our turnaround time is still about a week.

Interesting projects that kept us busy over the recent shutdown.

Working on typing up and laying out Tom’s memoirs in to a nice book for family and friends. Collecting and arranging files (captioned photos & family charts) of his family’s genealogy for Elgie and saving it all on several disc and flash drives for him to share with his extended family.

Transferring stacks of Jaz and Zip drives that contain unknown treasures (files) from the past.  We had them shipped to us from New Hampshire, New York, Florida, Virginia, California & Georgia.

We finished up 2 large projects during the shutdown. Over 400 audio cassettes for the Discover Science Museum in Fort Collins and over 5000 slides for the Colorado Rapids Soccer team.

Transferred whole family collections of video tapes mostly to digital files and some to DVDs.

Kate has started to bring in her collection of memories to be digitized. She started off with a large box of family photos organized by relative and age. She asked if we can work with zip drives, micro cassettes, regular cassettes, floppy discs and lots of video tapes. She is planning to come in sometime and use our computers and other equipment to preview her media herself and determine what is worthy of transfer.

We rebound a special book for St. Catherine’s in Denver. This is what they said about the project “St Catherine’s chose Marsha and her company Leave a Legacy because of her affordability and the 1 week turn-around-time compared with other book binders in the Denver area, in-addition Marsha was a pleasure to work with and the quality of work her binder provided was excellent and with such care to retain the history and integrity of the original Epistle Book, Acts-Jude…Thank you again Marsha.”  Want to read more and see more photos about this Holy Legacy Project check out this blog post?

We keep getting more and more calls for clients who say that they heard about us on the Rush Limbaugh radio program.  We are glad to help them but the big corporation that they heard about on the radio was actually Legacy Box….not Leave A Legacy.  We do the same work and more that they do but with a much more personal and customized, hands-on service.  We actually started our business in 2006 while they started in 2009.