Interesting projects at Leave A Legacy

Reprinting His Book: Richard Thompson a long time client of ours recently brought in a book that he published in 1995 when he retired from the ministry.  It is entitled, Preaching the Practice. It is a timeless handbook of parish practice for clergy and lay leaders.  It captures his quick wit and wisdom.  We scanned in his original pages laid out for the printer and recompiled it, making 6 new soft sided (perfect bound) copies. His daughter recently requested a copy and he plans to donate a copy to his Alma mater and to have some extra copies on hand.  We also gave him a flash drive with all of the pages on it in case he wants to order more copies in the future.

Colorized History  Here is another sample of a photo restoration that we completed.  No extra charge for the blue sky with fluffy clouds.

We created a unique memorial slideshow for one of our long-time clients, Lori.  We had transferred countless videos and movie films over the years.  Her husband and brother discovered the treasure of memories she had left them and had us incorporate several clips and photos and appropriate music into a digital slideshow for her service.  Her slideshow concluded with her singing in a performance several years ago and ended with her giving a little wave as she exited the stage.  It brought tears you your eyes but it was a very special celebration of her life.

Large collections of memories coming in.  May was a time for several large collections to come in and June looks to be no different.  When you come in with a large project we can certainly help you unload your vehicle or if you live in the Fort Collins or Denver areas we will even stop by your place and pick it up for you.  Annalee’s husband recently passed away and we stopped by her home in Lakewood to pick up her large project.  We put a rush on scanning the photos so that they could create their own slideshow from them.  The rest of the collection was of boxes of audio CDs and cassettes and a few videos.  You could certainly tell that he was a connoisseur of Jazz music.  Now all 3 of his daughters can share his interest though their digital copies of his extensive collection.

Another client, a transplant from France, brought in his whole collection of meticulously cataloged slides, videos and films that we transferred to digital for him.  He is in the process of downsizing and wants to be able to share all the memories with his kids.

We got a call some months ago about helping the Wish of a Lifetime organization to fulfill a wish for one of their clients. This May we got the thumbs up to proceed with the project.  We picked up over 1000 slides from Judy in Boulder.  We scanned them all in and grouped them by categories for her.  We delivered the digital files and the originals back to her a week later.  Her son, Rick, will pull them up on her iPad so that she can easily view them all.

We’ve gotten calls from a couple of clients about having us scan their 20 boxes of documents and photos. 

Are you ready to have your family memories digitized so that you can share it with everyone in the family?  Check out this recent video testimonial from one happy client we’ve shared about before.