Fully Custom Books

Book Binding ServiceThe possibilities are endless at Leave A Legacy, Inc. You can have virtually any size of book, quantity and thickness and you can design it all or we can help design it as much as you want. Here the options and details:

Example Book Prices:

  • Spiral, 30 black & white 8.5” x 11” pages, no layout, $21
  • Hardcover,30 color photobook pages with a border, basic layout $75 for 8.5×11 or $106 for 12×12
  • Buckram binding, 30 everflat color pages with a border, basic layout $153 for 8.5×11 or $200 for 12×12.

We are limited only by your imagination. You choose the size, quality of paper, color or black/white, how much layout you need (none or a lot), the type of binding and the quantity (1, 10, 100, you name it).

See the video of Book Printing services Fort Collins and Denver

The most common sizes are 8.5” x 11”(either orientation) or 12” x 12” but with some limitations on the type of binding we use we can do all sorts of odd sizes, both smaller and larger.

Quantity, Thickness & Printing:

We can create, print and bind single copies or hundreds of copies.  The number of pages in a book are very flexible as well.  We have no minimum number of pages (I’ve done as little as 4 pages in a book) and as many at 340 sheets (680 sides).  Black and white printing is much cheaper than color printing. There is a variety of the weight and quality of the paper. Our most popular printing is color photobook pages (28#) with a thin white border which is only $0.65/side.

Layout/Design: Priced at $70/hr a basic page for about $1.10

Your book can have as much text and photo as you want.  It can be all photos or all text or anything in between.

Some have us scan existing pages in a book that they want duplicated. We scan in the original, reprint it and then print it the same size and bind them.  For this you wouldn’t have any layout/design time charged, just the scanning charge.

Some clients layout the entire book themselves, or even bring in the printed pages and just have us do the binding, or just the printing on nice paper and binding it.

Other clients have us layout the entire book.  We start with a bunch of photos and lay them out on the computer, grouping photos logically. 

Our custom layout works wonderfully for your collection of old family photos that are a variety of sizes.

Other unique options:

  • make a book of contact sheets (little thumbnails of your photos with or without the file name as a caption)
  • Blog book. A book made out of a blog including photos with the order reversed (1st post to last post).
  • Sympathy card book
  • Hobby/Professional book (poems, quilts, sculptures, wood working, paintings)
  • Memoir/ Life Story
  • Family History
  • Vacation





Your book can be bound as soft cover (staple, spiral or perfect binding) or hard cover (basic hard cover, photo cover, buckram or leather).  

Cover  Options 8.5” x 11” 12” x 12”
Spiral $14.00  
Perfect Bind 19.00 25.00
Hardcover 22.00 28.00
Photo cover 44.00 55.00
Buckram 66.00 88.00
Leather & Imitation Leather 88.00+ 108.00+