Fall is finally here! Happy Halloween! A walk down memory lane!

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening (depending on when you are reading this),

Here is the weekly fact brought to you by us, Leave A Legacy:

       “Today we snap as many photos every two minutes as humanity as a whole did in the 1800s.”

Crazy, right? But, these days, all of our cell phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, etc. have a camera of some sort. We then upload them to our social media sites for all the world to enjoy. What kind of photos do you snap? Yourself or others making funny faces? your animals? the plate of food you are about to eat? The aftermath of a vehicle destroyed by a bear? It’s all good and all in fun (except the bear one).

Here is a great idea, what if for one year you took a photo of yourself doing something every day. Call it your photo diary. At the end of the year, you would have 365 photos of you and what you were doing that day. After you have collected them, bring it into Leave A Legacy and have it converted into an awesome photo book.

If you were to go to your parents house and pull out that giant chest of photos, what memories would you remember when looking at them? I (Ben) once found a picture of myself back when I was around 10 next to a pumpkin I had just carved. It was pretty cool, It was a very detailed Dracula that I found in a pumpkin carving pattern book. When I looked at the photo, I remembered that my dad had helped we carve that pumpkin as well. It’s a great memory because, my Dad was never really a fan of pumpkin carving but decided to help me that year. On top of that, I was a big fan of the Goosebumps books at that age and I was wearing a Goosebumps shirt! It glowed in the dark!

These ramblings do have a point: bring in your photos to Leave A Legacy and create your own walk down memory lane! You can even insert text and captions next to your photos to better emphasize what’s happening in them.

 Real world family story

Recently, a customer came in and spoke about putting a family tree together. He mentioned that he was surprised how people these days don’t really know much about their relatives present or past. It got me thinking that, I am guilty of this as well. I have never really delved into my family history but, I have recently taken an interest in it. But, I just don’t know where to begin. Please write down any suggestions that you have down in the comments section. I, and everyone on behalf of Leave A Legacy would love to hear them. Also, if you have any wonderful, funny, great stories about your pursuits in creating your family tree, we would love to hear them as well.

Currently at Leave A Legacy we are running a fantastic film special.

Our fall film special is geared towards families who have large amounts of 8mm film or 16mm film just dying to be transferred. The larger the batch you bring in, the bigger the discount you receive. Please call one of our locations for more details! Feel free to contact us through the website as well, we enjoy answering any questions about your media.

As always, Leave A Legacy is here for all of you preservation and transfer needs. We can transfer and digitize just about any form of past media into a current media. We are also experts with photobooks, slideshows, and photo and document restorations! We can do it all!

Thank you for reading, we would love to hear any comments you may have, please don’t hesitate to write something down in the comments section.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Leave A Legacy