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All of your old records (LP, 45, 78, you name it), reel-to-reel, 8 track tapes and cassettes (even mini and micro cassettes) can be transferred to mp3 files. This method creates mp3 files that will play in a computer and on various mp3 players. This allows for a lot more audio to be saved on one CD versus creating an 80 minute playable CD.

This type of transfer will make separate files for each side of the original media. If you want each song separated into a different “track” or file then there is an additional small charge.  You may choose to have us enhance the audio if it is too quiet, too loud or if it has background noise.  Extra copies are quite affordable and great for sharing your priceless memories with other family members.

These mp3 files are typically saved to a CD but can also be saved to your external drive or flash drive.   When you are having several sources of audio (like cassettes) transferred this is the price for the first source. Additional sources that we save on one CD are charged at the lesser additional source price.