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Two clients, one from Wisconsin and one from Fort Collins send us video files that they needed on a playable DVD. The file they had just won’t play on a DVD player even when saved to a disc. We have the correct program to burn it the right way so you can see it on your DVD player.  We glad to help for Frank’s 80th birthday and help the Museum of Art in Fort Collins with their event.

Dennis from Littleton had a mystery for us to help with.  His sister was at a casino in Las Vegas when she passed away suddenly.  She was believed to be wearing an expensive ring while at the casino but it was missing from her effects. He gave us the video security footage to see if we could confirm the presence of a ring and see if we could see when it was missing.  The casino had unusual video file types but we were able to capture it anyway and turn it into an image sequence and then zoom in on her hand to look for the ring or absence of the ring.  We combed through lots of images and were able to confirm a ring on her hand before she fell and the images after she fell were inconclusive.  Not our first mystery to work on.

Mark had shipped us a few slides from Arizona to scan in a few weeks ago. We didn’t know that we were part of a test. He tried 3 different business and also rented a slide scanner to do it himself. After he received his first project back he told us that our service gave him the most in focus and best color corrected images. He then sent us his collection of over 1000 slides to digitize including his special slides that he made as a kid. The special slides were taken of the television showing Armstrong walking on the moon and Nixon watching the landing. I increased the contrast on those to make them clearer.  When ready to ship back to him he was concerned of their excessively high temperatures and was debating about how we should shipping them back either in a cooler or delaying their return until temperatures cool. We ended up having them go air instead of ground and let him pick them up near by instead of having them delivered in a hot delivery truck.

We scanned in several large oval and rectangular old photos. Some needed heavy restoration but all of them came out beautiful. We enjoy preserving and restoring family memories and helping you share your family treasures.

Carol had us scan in a whole bunch (over 1000) of black and white negatives from a box camera. What a great collection of family photos. Here is one of a bar at Overland Trail that I thought you might enjoy.

Larry was going through his old slides and has plans of giving them to the people in the photo. He found this one of his nephew who looks just like a photo of his daughter with something in her mouth.

Let us know if you have any mysteries we can help you solve with your old media….or any fun pictures from “the good old days” that you want to preserve or restore.