March 2012

Flat bed scanning

This is our standard flat bed scanner used for items that won’t work in our bulk scanner. It is great for items that are bulky like overly thick photos, book and photo album pages, 3 dimensional items, really small items and fragile items.


Explains the option of having your images saved into several folders. We often make a digital folder for each grouping, folder, envelope, box or carousel that the photos, slides and negatives are brought in.

Design Photo Disc Label

Some clients desire a custom designed photo label to be applied to their discs. We will use our label template and design it just how you want it. All discs have a small hole in the center. We can use either the small or the large hole label for your project. Clients who have chosen to have us design a custom label include business, wedding videos, discs that are used on a special occasion, discs that are included within a book that we design, print and bind.

Eleanor makes a visit

Client’s photo of her mother with Eleanor Roosevelt. We scanned the photo at high resolution and then made another version with just her mother and Eleanor. We added in a textured background. What a treasure….another memory preserved!