Flat bed scanning

flat bed scanner in Denver

This is our standard flat bed scanner that we use for items that won’t work in our bulk photo scanner. It is great for items that are bulky; overly thick photo images, photo book and scrapbook pages, pages in books, three dimensional items (coins, artwork and more), fragile items (tattered photos and documents), and really small images and items.  We allow clients to use this scanner if they prefer to do their own scanning. We charge our client use rate per hour to use it.  This scanner is set to scan at 300 dpi and to save as jpg files for the regular price. This allows you to print photos of good quality, the same size as the original photo. We can certainly scan at a higher resolution if you’d like us to (doubling the resolution doubles the cost). Images may be saved in different digital folders for each container or group you brought them in. There is a small charge for creating digital folders. Once they are digital, you can choose to have us create a DVD slideshow, photobook, calendar, cards, reprints or photo gifts. We are limited only by your imagination!