Wide format scanning


wide format scanner with slides

Our wide format scanner scans 12” x 17”. If your image is even larger we will scan it in sections and piece it back together on the computer. I purposely bought these scanners so that we could scan 12” x 12” scrapbook pages easily. They are constantly in use at Leave A Legacy. We’ve scanned loads of oversized artwork….even with it still in the frame and it looks fabulous like the original! We’ve scanned 3 dimensional artwork from children and adults, birth certificates, large news articles, marriage certificates, maps of all sorts, all sizes of scrapbook pages and large family tree drawings.  Some joke that I would scan anything and I admitted that if I scanned my children then they would be a lot less bulky!  Anyway, the same goes for all of your photos, art and documents, once they are scanned they are a lot less bulky and you can easily make copies of the disc and give them to relatives who don’t have the one and only copy of the priceless memories. We have volume discounts for over 11 and over 50 scans and we have different prices for over sized items that require multiple scans. Once they are digital, you can choose to have us create a DVD slideshow, photo book, calendar, cards, reprints or photo gifts. We are limited only by your imagination!


4 thoughts on “Wide format scanning”

  1. I am interested in having a 12x 12 family memory book scanned to a disc. What do you charge per page? Maryann Lowe

    1. Maryann,
      Thank you for writing. Yes, we can certainly help you with this project. We charge $1.95/side.
      Leave A Legacy, Inc.

  2. Dave Michaelson

    I have a 24″x 36″ full color rendering on trace paper that I need scanned to a jpeg. Do I need to mount on say plotter paper, or can you scan the trace directly? Tape all edges? If you folks cannot do it, do you know someone who can?

    Thanks in advance.


  3. Dave,
    Yes, we can certainly help you with your project. We will scan it in sections and then piece it back together on the computer. You do not need to change in before you bring it. We can scan it as is. We can even scan in framed images without removing it from the frame…and it looks fabulous. The scan for this image would be $90.
    Leave A Legacy, Inc.

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