Transfer mini DVD to full sized DVD or digital files

Mini DVDRest assured, we at Leave A Legacy can transfer your Mini DVD to a full sized DVD or to digital files (usually saved as MOV, AVI or MPG on an external hard drive).  These discs were usually created on a Mini DVD video camera.  It was an advancement for video recording in that was digital instead of analog. Our first question for clients who bring or mail in these discs is, “Do you know if the discs were finalized in the camera?”  This was a new step that was required for this media in order for the discs to play in something else besides the camera that created it.  Finalizing a disc is the process of writing out support data such as DVD menus, a directory in order to make the Mini DVD playable elsewhere. Finalization usually means that the disc cannot have any additional data written to it.  Anyway, if it hasn’t been finalized we will need your camera (or maybe someone else’s camera) to finalize each disc for you.

We will rip the files from your Mini DVD and put them on the computer.  Ripping a disc sounds violent and destructive but it is neither.  Ripping a disc copies the content of a DVD to a hard disk drive so that it will be in a usable file type for editing or viewing on a computer.  Then we can give you these files on an external hard drive or can burn 4 or more mini DVDs to one full sized DVD.  Most Mini DVDs are 30 minutes long.  Some are double sided so they hold up to 1 hour.