Your event goes to WOW with a DVD slideshow

DVD slideshows can really “make” the event you are holding. They can be the added final touch to make your event the most meaningful and remember-able. At Leave A Legacy, Inc. we create all varieties of DVD slideshows. Wedding slideshows often show each the bride and the groom as they were growing up, when they …

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Once upon a time wedding DVD slideshow

This young bride had a unique idea for her wedding DVD slide show. She wanted us to have it tell a story. It began Once upon a time there was a little girl…. and ended ….they will live happily ever after. Here you can see an abbreviated version with just a few photos. She brought in both print photos to be scanned and digital photos along with CDs with the music that she wanted added. After she came in to Leave A Legacy to proof it we burned her several copies.

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