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DVD slideshows can really “make” the event you are holding. They can be the added final touch to make your event the Wedding2 thumbnailmost meaningful and remember-able. At Leave A Legacy, Inc. we create all varieties of DVD slideshows. Wedding slideshows often show each the bride and the groom as they were growing up, when they met and ends with a look to an exciting future.  Anniversary slideshows often show images of the happy couple and their resulting family through the years (when they met, marriage, arrival of children, arrival of grandchildren, special trips and events).

graduation thumbnailGraduation slideshows show your child and how they changed and grew over the years. They show highlights of their school and athletic careers and often end with a hint of what is to come and a statement of how proud you are of them.  Memorial slideshows help you maintain the focus on celebrating the achievements and activities of a lifetime and the good times you’ve had and the memories you have shared.  Reunion slideshows when made for class reunions usually have your photos from the year book, photos of other gatherings you’ve had and images of the class members that you’ve loss too soon.

The Birthday slideshows that we’ve done are usually done to thumbnail for Baltic Sea trip slideshowcelebrate the big ones. Whether you’ve hit the ripe old age of sweet 16, Qunicenerra, 40, 50, 75 or even 100.  The birthday slideshows almost always show photos of when they were born and have a variety of photos documenting the changes and experiences through the years.   With Vacation slideshows it is fun to both share and to document the special “trip of a life time” and be able to share your experiences with others.  You try to pick the best of the best photos but sometimes it is very hard to narrow it down….they are all so good. We have options to meet these needs as well.

Often times we create slideshows of your old slides or collection of old photos.  This is helpful if you are wanting to just sit and watch your old photos play on your TV/DVD player.  We will add music and titles for the different sections.  Clients who have a large collection of artwork or parents who want to preserve their child’s artwork will choose to have an artwork slideshow.

Slideshow packages from Leave A Legacy:

Silver Package [This is the perfect package for the client who wants a basic, photo focused slideshow without the extra frills. This package does not include scanning images.]

-All your photos in original condition slideshow packages to print

-1 title slide

-Silver DVD

-Transitions between photos

-Royalty free music

-Data disk (all your images & music if purchased)

Gold Package [This is the perfect package for the client who has photos that could use a little TLC (where color correction and cropping would be a big help) and if they want a little more movement to their images.]

-Budget scan of 100 photosslideshow packages II copy


-Color correction

-Pan & zoom & transitions between photos

-2 titles (beginning & end)

-Gold Archival DVD

-Data disk (all your images & music)

-Client provided music included (downloads at additional cost)

Platinum Package [This is the perfect package for the client with a lot of photo as it can easily have several photos visible at the same time.  This option also includes a print book using the “pages/slides” laid out for the slideshow.]

-Budget scan of 100 photos


-Color correction

-Pan & zoom & transitions between photos

-2 titles (beginning & end)

-Gold Archival DVD

-Data disk (all your images & music)

-Client provided music included (downloads at additonal cost)

-Slideshow can be made from the photobook pages or from single pics

-11” x 8.5” buckram bound book

Photobook pages with borders

-Basic photobook layout


Types of Media we can use in your slideshow [Generally we are limited only by your imagination but here is a list of the most commonly used media.]

-Photo prints, artwork and documents

-Digital images (from emails, CDs, flash drives, phones, SD cards, etc.)

-Slides and Negatives

-Video clips (from video tapes, phones, tablets, movie film, etc.)

-Audio clips

  • Digital recording
  • Cassette, record, reel-to-reel, etc.
  • Your voice recorded live in studio