How do I Clean Negatives from Leave A Legacy in Fort Collins & Denver

This post is to share with you about cleaning negatives. The same procedure works for all sizes of negatives including: 110, 35mm, 126, APS and oversized negatives. If your negatives are more dirty than that we recommend purchasing Anti-Stat Film Cleaner. It is somewhat expensive and it is rather aromatic so you’ll want to use it in a well-ventilated area. Moisten a smooth microfiber cloth with the film cleaning solution and then rub it on your especially dirty negative. You can use it on both sides of the negative.

Sioux Indian Treaty of 1868

Steve brought in images of a treaty signed between the Sioux Indians and Andrew Jackson in 1868. It is quite a national treasure. We scanning in his images and printed out each page to 12” x 18” on heavy paper, laminated all the 44 pages and then bound it in a rich brown leather hard cover binding. It smells and looks fabulous!

Flat bed scanning

This is our standard flat bed scanner used for items that won’t work in our bulk scanner. It is great for items that are bulky like overly thick photos, book and photo album pages, 3 dimensional items, really small items and fragile items.