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It warms our hearts, being able to make a difference for the people of Northern Colorado, Denver and for others across our country. Below are some nice reviews that our clients took the time to write on google recently. We truly care about your memories and are all about preserving and enhancing them so you can share them with others.

-Maddi of Fort Collins about scanned photo 8/24/19
My grandparents would’ve celebrated 66 years of marriage this year, but my grandma passed away suddenly back in June. For their anniversary, I had a few photos from their wedding day digitally enhanced and colored to give to my grandpa (and my dad) to keep my grandma’s memory alive. When my grandpa opened them up, he got tears in his eyes and said, “This is the best gift anyone has ever given me.” They were together for over 70 years and when you talk to him now, he just seems a little unsure and lost when he holds conversation. But pictures like this speak a thousand words and I was so overcome with joy when he brightened up like a Christmas tree, reliving his wedding day as if it was yesterday. Shout out to Leave A Legacy in Fort Collins for taking such good care of the photos and bringing them to life. It was worth every penny to bring a smile and tears to my grandpa’s face and I 100% recommend their services.

Tony from Washington about his 8-track tape transfer to digital:

Good evening;
        My heart is jumping with joy tonight, Carol and I listen to each of the CD’s and lots of happy tears followed. We had no idea what was on those tapes but we were hoping for a few songs that we remembered, thank the Lord they were on there. The best surprise was it captures the voices of my parents and my two oldest brothers that, to me, is priceless. You guys probably see and hear this a lot, but I wanted you guys to know that you have added a very special part back into my remaining family’s lives. So I say thank you from my heart to yours ❤.

Sandra shipped us several reels of movie film that she had transferred by some other company several years ago but they didn’t transfer one of the films because it had torn sprocket holes. She had us redo the transfer including the missing reel. Sandra from Pennsylvania about her film transfer:

Thank you so much. Without you that one reel of film would have been lost.

Here is another sample from that cool Poudre Fire Authority scrapbook that we scanned. They had lots of posters that kids had created to encourage fire prevention in 1951.

Fixing photos that have gotten wet and are stuck on the glass of the frame or adding or even subtracting someone from your family photo are other problems that we can help you with.  This is a sample of a photo stuck to the glass that we restored and printed out a new photo of.