Polaroid Proof

Lynn brought in this Polaroid of her rental property. She said she couldn’t

polaroid photo
polaroid photo that we scanned

find anything on our website about working with Polaroid prints. We were glad that she brought in her photo because we certain do work with Polaroid photos and we can do some restoration work on them as well.  This was Lynn’s only photo of the property and she needed to show some evidence of the fence that was once in her yard.

restored polaroid photo
restored polaroid photo

It was unfortunate that the photo had been left in direct sunlight and had faded. We scanned in her Polaroid and did some quick restoration and color adjustment and then printed out a larger print for her to use as evidence in a court case.  Today’s message is that we do work with Polaroid prints as well as any other type of print, document, map, slide, negative or most anything else you can think of.