Better photographer, loose weight, & a cleaner house

It may not sound possible but you can become a better photographer, loose weight and have proof of a cleaner house all by carefully cropping your photos.

Professional photographers are great at centering photos and getting good close-ups. By cropping your photos either by cutting the old fashioned way or by cropping on the computer (it’s forgiving of mistakes and lets you “undo” mistakes) you can cut out unwanted foreground, background or “side ground” and focus attention on your subject of interest.

Losing weight in photos is easy . . . but you have to plan ahead. When taking photos locate the large people on the edge. You can crop to the inside of their shoulder and they will lose many pounds. On our computers you can also change the proportions of the photos making people thinner, wider and even taller!

Now for a cleaner house. If your photos show a pile of unfolded laundry, unwashed dishes or scattered toys in the background simply crop them out and focus on the people in the photo.