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First of all let’s get the resolution as high as possible. Go to the camera feature on your phone and choose settings. From there choose the highest resolution. The newer cell phones actually have pretty high resolution settings.

Secondly, make sure there is plenty of light. If it’s dark, then choose a low light or night setting.

Thirdly, keep it steady. Brace your arm against something or set the phone down on a solid object to remove the shakes from just holding it in your hand.

Fourthly, get closer. Most phones don’t have a zoom feature so move closer to your subject if they are a distance away.

Back it up. After you may have emailed it to a friend and posted it on your facebook page make sure that you save a backup of your photo where all of your other photos are saved. You will be able to keep the best resolution if you connect your phone to your computer with a USB cord or by taking out the memory card and inserting that into your computer. If you get stuck on this step just bring it in to one of our Leave A Legacy studios and we’d be glad to help you out.

Finally, use it!  Digital photos are easy to work with. With Leave A Legacy’s help you can create a collage, photo book, photo gift, card or photo montage…you name it!