All about Digital Media

smart phone appsThe majority of the projects that come into Leave A Legacy involve old analog media however a growing number of projects also incorporate some form of digital media. We have an unlimited variety of options of what we can do with your digital media as well. Any projects we can do with your digitized old media we can do with your digital modern media. From your photos we can help you create photobooks, slideshows, and photo collages. With your video clips we can make video compilations, playable discs, video and photo montages and scholarship highlight files. Another service we offer is organizing all of your photos. Consider sending us all the past year’s photos from all of your sources and having us work to organize it all for you. Once all the photos are organized we can turn them into photobooks, slideshows and more.  flip camera

Our clients have had us make lots of creative projects with their digital media.

Alan brings in the photos of his latest trip (whether it’s the fall colors in Colorado or the majestic views of Switzerland). He gives us the photos to use in the order he would like them and mp3 files of the music that he would like to use. The creative DVD slideshows are a real hit when he shares them with family.

digital cameraJeanette had us create both a DVD slideshow and a book for her sister’s 50th birthday celebration. Since she couldn’t be with her for her special day, she created a digital voice recording in our studio to add to the disc. The recording was of our client and her son telling her how special she is to them and wishing her all the best for her special day.

Michael and Susan brought in a hard drive video camera which contained footage of their high school daughter playing tennis. We cut and pasted the best shots (of the athlete’s choosing), and added her name and contact info to the video stream and then exported the compilation for college sports scholarship recruiters to view on youtube.

micro sdLeslie brought in the micro mini SD card from her husband’s phone and had us put all of the photos from this year on a data DVD for her and put all of the video segments that he shot this past year on playable DVDs. Who would have expected that the little card the size of my pinky fingernail would have thousands of photos and seven and a half hours of video footage on it. The subject of the photos and videos was their two little children so the five DVDs will be quite a treasure.

Barbara brought in the files from her camera (both still photos and lots of videos) from their recent family reunion. It was tricky but we managed to get all of the photos and video clips in order and burned them all on one DVD. The memories of making their Uncle’s secret pickle recipe was definitely a memory worth keeping.