Spring Cleaning and Sun in Your Eyes Ideas

Spring Cleaning Ideas

Spring has finally sprung, even as winter attempts to make one final appearance. Spring means warmer weather, firing up the grill, watching the world come back to life and everyone’s favorite: Spring $10 off your project of $50 or moreCleaning.  At Leave A Legacy we feel your pain, but we are here to help. So very often, we pack away our memories (VHS tapes, film, cassettes, stacks of photos…) in boxes and who knows when they will see the light of day again. As a part of our Spring Cleaning crusade we want to help you downsize and give your memories new life by digitizing them. Be sure to swing by to take advantage of this sweet deal.



Photography Tip of the Month: Sun in Your Eyes

 It is time to take advantage of the warm weather and take photos outdoors! The classic conundrum is wanting your subject to be in direct sunlight and wanting their eyes open. Usually you end up with a very well lit photo of your dear one trying to smile while crying because the sun is burning their retinas.

Well I am here to tell you that you no longer have to abuse your subject. Do not be afraid of the shade. Find an open shade area. What is open shade? It is shade that has a reflective surface nearby that is directing light into the shaded area. These “natural” reflectors can be a sidewalk or a white wall located behind the photographer, basically anything that will bounce light onto your subject without blinding them. If you do not have any lightly colored edifices or professional photography equipment at your disposal, a properly placed white matte board will also do the trick.

What else are we excited for this month? Only the fact that graduation is just around the corner! We are positively overflowing with ideas on how to honor your Grad! Stop by our studio on more information on how we can help you celebrate that special someone.  Keep up with us on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for special deals, updates and inspiration!

Recent Interesting Projects

Helen must have had half of a room in her house filled with slides. She brought about 20 carousels at a time and had us transfer the slides to digital files and placed on a CD. With an extra copy saved at a different location she was able to free up a room in her home!

Deborah is having us remove all the photos from her son’s photo albums of his growing up years – about 30 large “magnetic” albums. We are scanning and laying out all of the photos and memorabilia into digital photo books. We printed & bound the first four years into one book and are now working on the next 4 years. This reduced every 20″ to 2″ of shelf space!

Carolyn is bringing in about 20 video tapes at a time and having us convert them all to digital MOV files for her computer. She turns every 20″ of video tapes into something that takes NO space!