Projects to Inspire your Holiday Giving

Leave A Legacy is often the producer of the “best gift ever” at the holidays.  This year sharing family memories are more important than ever.

Steve, who has a history of raising and working with raccoons, brought in a special slide with a photo of one of his past raccoons.  He told us that he was providing the visual for a story that was being written about how raccoons should be the symbol/mascot for battling the corona virus.  He pointed out that Raccoon has all of the same letters as Corona (apparently some people spell Raccoon with just 1C), that they always wear a mask and that they frequently wash their hands!

Brian brought in his project to us that he had Legacy Box do for him previously. He brought it to us still in the Legacy Box.  He said that all of the transfers that they did for him were terrible and unusable. The videos were all distorted and jumpy and basically terrible.  He brought it to us to see if we could transfer them correctly so he could have his family memories preserved.  Many of the videos were miniDVs which are a bit trickier to transfer without problems.  Here at Leave A Legacy we have several different camera to try in order to find the one that works best with your video tapes.  We were able to transfer all of his 40 video tapes to digital files without problems.  Brian went home happily with all of his videos transferred to digital files on an external hard drive.

Susan brought in this metal record to be transferred to an mp3 file.  You can see from the photo that the black etched surface has partly flaked off.  It was tricky but we were able to capture the remaining sections of the recording.

Cynthia has us transfer some slides from the 60s. When we scan slides and make them into digital files we typically do a color correction on them.  Most slides are helped with the color correction and it is included with the price for scanning. Many slides in the 70s have turned orange….just like some of the clothes we were wearing at the time!  Enjoy the two images  from her collection (a cute little boy trying to drink from the outdoor water spigot and the other with a view of Fort Collins from up by Horsetooth rock.)
Stephen brought in a magazine cover for us to scan and reprint on photo paper. The image is of a fishing fly that he owns that looks like a little frog.

Sandy brought in a photo of her parents from many years ago for us to scan and reprint for her. It was her only photo of her parents together as they had divorce early on. What a nice photo of them!


Pat & David brought in a collection of print and digital photos of their daughter through the years.  We scanned in all of the photos and laid out all of the image on photo pages on the computer. She asked for us to leave extra white space between the photos so that she could write in captions on the page.  They are giving this book to her that shows the story of her life until being a young adult. They are rightfully so proud of her which was evident in the final book that we printed and bound for them.

Cheryl was visiting her ill mother-in-law from out of town and the family decided to go through some of the things in storage.  The mother-in-law’s wedding photo album was found in the wet crawl space.  They brought in the still wet albums of photos to me.  I took the wet albums home and carefully opened them up and removed the photos to dry out.  I then scanned them and gave them back the loose, dried photos and a flash drive with the digital images.