Leave A Legacy, Inc. vs. Legacy Box / Southtree

Sometimes our local family owned business, Leave A Legacy is confused with Legacy Box a large corporation that is heavily advertised on the Rush Limbaugh radio show.  Here we will compare the differences in the service provided by Leave A Legacy and Legacy Box. Some people have heard of the Southtree business as well. Southtree is just another name that Legacy Box uses (they are the same business, different name and slightly different packages).

Location: Leave A Legacy, with its main location in Fort Collins and a satellite location in Denver, Colorado is a local and family owned business that helps you save your precious memories so you can view them in today’s mediums.  If you live locally you can bring your media right to our studio and the work is done all on site (no risk of losing it in the mail).  If you aren’t local, to leave A Legacy then you can pop your items in a package and ship it off to us (we have almost daily visits from our friendly UPS and FedEx drivers). Your memories will be returned to you within 7-10 days, unlike their competitors, Legacy Box and Southtree where all projects are shipped to them and whose services take 3-4 weeks and then your materials are shipped back.

Personal Service: When you bring in your media you are greeting with a friendly face of a person who genuinely cares about you and preserving your memories unlike shipping your priceless memories to a warehouse to be worked on by an army of technicians. At Leave A Legacy your media will be saved in high quality and you won’t have lost photos, video or film. Legacy Box has many reviews from customers who lost their memories or received them digitized in very low quality. Leave A Legacy prides itself in giving customers a high quality service and they walk their customers through the process beforehand so they know what to expect. Leave A Legacy additionally has editing services unlike Legacy Box and Southtree.

Editing Options:  At Leave A Legacy there are lots of options of editing your films and videos. You can come in and do your own editing on their computers or you can sit with a Leave A Legacy team member and guide them through the edits you want.  You can even just tell the team member what to do on our own if it is as simple as “remove all of the scenes of the floor” or “just keep the Christmas scenes not Dad laying on the couch”. Types of edits you can do include rearranging video/film segments, adding titles, captions, highlights, lightening, darkening, scene selection, adding audio, pretty much anything you can imagine. Leave A Legacy can make a sports highlight video for you to upload to various school for your scholarship search. Legacy Box and Leave A Legacy can both give you discs or digital files, but Leave A Legacy allows editing and can dropbox the files directly to your email.

Bobs faded photo that we scanned

Bob's photo that we restored

Photo Options: They can touch up photos, restore damaged ones, change color, and many more options. As well as these services, Leave a Legacy makes photo books. Legacy Box and Southtree both have limited services and only digitize media.

Package Options: Leave A Legacy doesn’t do packages. Each order is fully customized to the media brought in and what the client desires for output for each item.  Legacy Box / Southtree sells boxes with set number of things you can get done in each box and everything in the box is treated the same with no customization available.

So, come in (or ship) Leave A Legacy if you want personalized, punctual, and professional: film transfer, photo scanning, photo restoration, video transfer, old audio transfer, slide scanning, photo album scanning, video editing, slideshows and book layout, printing and binding.