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Shop Small Super Sale

In celebration of Shop Small Saturday tomorrow your friends here at Leave A Legacy are holding Shop Small Super Sale. Gather up all of your old media and bring it into Leave A Legacy where we can create the best gifts for your holiday giving….MEMORIES. You can buy everyone something new that they don’t really need….OR…this year you can give the priceless gift of memories. Many a client has come back in to say “The family (Dad, Mom, Grandma , or My Brother) really, really enjoyed the disk you made of our old family films (videos, slides, or photos)”. We’ve never offered a deal this great. We’ve never discounted so many services. This is the day you’ve been waiting for and it’s almost here!

Memories make the best gifts!

I hope that you are having a wonderful weekend filled with pure awesomeness! Well, it’s finally here, the Holiday Season has arrived! So, it’s time that you got serious about your gift giving this year and give something truly memorable. With all posts, we...

How to Determine the Emulsion Side of your Slides?

How to Determine the Emulsion Side of your Slides? This post is to share with you about determining the emulsion side of a slide. All of the slides shown here are lying with the emulsion side up. The emulsion side consists of a silver halide colloidal particles...

How do I clean slides?

This post is to share with you about cleaning slides. The simplest method is to wipe them gently with a microfiber cloth which should remove any dust. If your slides are more dirty than that we recommend purchasing Anti-Stat Film Cleaner. It is somewhat expensive and it is rather aromatic so you’ll want to use it in a well-ventilated area. Moisten a smooth microfiber cloth with the film cleaning solution and then rub it on your especially dirty slide.