November 2010

Restoring Arabia Photo

A recent Denver, CO client brought in an old photo of his father taken in Arabia. He asked for us to scan and restore the old photo.

Arabia restoration photo
Arabia photo before & after

It was a bit faint and had an odd red tint to it. Using our Aspen Kiosks we were able to restore his photo and increase the contrast in his father’s face.

Once upon a time wedding DVD slideshow

This young bride had a unique idea for her wedding DVD slide show. She wanted us to have it tell a story. It began Once upon a time there was a little girl…. and ended ….they will live happily ever after. Here you can see an abbreviated version with just a few photos. She brought in both print photos to be scanned and digital photos along with CDs with the music that she wanted added. After she came in to Leave A Legacy to proof it we burned her several copies.

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