What are your photos saying

This common cliché has it all wrong. Otherwise we would look at stacks of old photos and tell our children and grandchildren just who is in the photo and what was special about that day. The photos you take today can have the same problem when they are admired a few generations from now if you don’t take the time to tell the basics about what is in the photo.

My son, Clinton, took a photo that nearly was lost to the delete button but was saved when I asked him to tell me about the photo.

As you can see it is not a remarkable photo, no one is even in it smiling or smarting off. But now for the rest of the story about this photo that is now included with a caption in his Boy Scout album. “This photo was taken at our campsite on our outing in South Dakota.

We made the “marmot defense system” which consisted of a white line facing the north end of camp. It was said that marmots like to attack from the north and that they don’t like going under a white line. We also used the line for a clothes line. My tent is shown on the left”.
What a wonderful story, that will be enjoyed for generations.