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We get all sorts of requests for audio transfers but this one was the most unique of them all.  Our client, you see, has a vintage car that has an 8-track player and he wanted a custom 8 Track Tape transfer service8-track tape with the music that he wanted.  This was certainly a novel project request and something we weren’t even sure if we could do.  Leave A Legacy is definitely a “figure it out” place so that is what we did!  It was so successful that he came back and had us make a second 8-track for him.

How’d we do it?  We used our combination 8-track/reel-to-reel equipment and connected a CD player to it and used a good helping of our ingenuity.

At Leave A Legacy we routinely preserve memories with digital creations and occasionally…..we convert digital to youtube thumbnail

Other interesting audio projects:

  • Converting a tub of reel-to-reel recordings of Indian’s chanting to mp3 files for the University of Colorado
  • Transferring old record albums of beautiful Christmas music to playable CDs
  • Transferring audio cassettes a man relaying his experiences during World War II
  • Digital audio recordings of a father reciting prayers and blessings for his daughter we transferred to playable CDs
  • A man’s messages to his family during the war from 45 records to mp3 files. Our client’s father died during the war and this was the first time for him to hear his father’s voice….what a heartwarming moment!
  • Metal records of a family sing-a-long transferred to digital files for a clients in New York and New Hampshire