Treasured wedding day negatives turn positive

She had to sue to get her wedding day negatives, Leave A Legacy was there to generate a “positive” outcome.

Can you imagine paying a professional photographer to shoot your wedding and then before you get your photos the photographer image of a scanned negative from a wedding daygoes bankrupt?  That is precisely what happen to one recent client. The wedding is a few years past but at the time they had to take the film studio to court in order to obtain their 21 rolls of negatives. That trauma was in the client’s past, she was coming in to get all of the negatives scanned so that she could actually print out some photos of her special day from her past. We scanned in all of the color and black and white 35mm negatives for her and saved them to disks for her. The possibilities of what she can do with them now are now endless. We can create a digital photo book and bind it, we can create all sorts of photo gifts using the images, and even create a DVD slideshow of all of the images.