Transferring Your Audio!

Happy Saturday to everyone! Leave A Legacy here to talk about one of our many services that we provide!

Today we would like to talk about our Audio Transfer Services.

Record players, Cassette players, Reel-to-Reel machines, they are no longer the ‘cutting edge’ technology they once were. CD players and MP3 players are the current wave of awesome technology. Bring in your old audio media and have it transferred to either CD or MP3!

Need us to break your audio into separate playable tracks? No problem, we also offer this wonderful service! Be able to skip ahead freely to your favorite song or to an important part in your personal recording!

 We can help you out with the following media types:Audio Media

Vinyl Records (LP, 45, 78, etc.)

Vinyl records can be transferred from all speeds. We will make sure that we are capturing your records at the correct speed. Our equipment will also get rid of background noise such as pops and cracks. However, if your record has scratches on the surface or other damage, that will remain in the digital transfer.

Cassette Tapes

Cassette tapes can have sound recorded on both sides and generally hold 60 to 90 minutes of audio.

Micro Cassettes and Mini Cassettes

Micro cassettes can have sound recorded on both sides as well and generally hold 30 to 60 minutes of audio.


Reel-to-Reel are recorded at a variety of speeds and can have sound on both sides. If you have a MONO recording, this setting allows for 2 recordings on each side. If you have a stereo recording, this allows for one recording on each side. These can be difficult to estimate the length of the recordings.

8-track tapes

This one is simple, it usually has a total of 4 tracks of stereo sound (often several songs per track). We had a new twist recently and had a client who wanted his mix CD transferred to 8-track tape so he could play it in his classic car.  Mission accomplished.

 We also offer an Audio Editing Service. The quality of the capture and export of your audio recordings are highly reliant on the quality of the original recording. Many recordings that come through our doors were not captured on professional quality equipment and were not set up to record optimally. The types of editing that we do most commonly with audio recordings are to adjust the volume, cut the audio into separate tracks and to remix various segments. Files can be exported to playable CD’s (one that will play in…you guessed it…everyday CD players) or they can be exported as mp3 files that are handy on computers and other digital devices.

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