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We’re all aware that technology is changing how we live our everyday lives. Laptops, Digital Cameras, Smartphones – these once-novel tools are becoming day-to-day necessities. I realize the iPad is no longer shockingly novel either but this tool has combined the three most frequently used pieces of technology into one supertool. Its capabilities are seemingly endless and new applications are created daily. Now I know what all you skeptics are saying – it’s just a glorified iPhone with maybe a few more apps. But look again – the iPad may be transforming the art of photography.

Built-in Benefits

Not only is the iPad an image processing platform that is light and compact enough to carry with you wherever you go, it contains hundreds of apps to assist in your photography endeavors. With a 9.7” Backlit display, photos look fabulous – unlike the quality that some Smartphones deliver. The iPad also allows you to manage all your online photo libraries from one place without searching for a wi-fi connection or turning on your computer. Additionally, you can download images directly from your digital camera or SD card (or any other photo-taking device) onto your iPad with the the iPad Connection Kit. Other adapters can be used to connect the iPad directly to TVs, computers, and projectors.

Beyond connecting and organizing, the iPad offers several Apps for photo editing and imaging viewing that allow you to do several things with your photos from one platform. Here are a few of the favorites:

Editing/Organizing Apps:

While there are too many photo editing apps to name, I will describe a few of the most common:

Adobe Photoshop Express: Probably the most popular editing App because it resembles the layout of Adobe Photoshop with which most photographers are familiar. However, this is best used for small edits.

Photogene for iPad: For more complex projects, many users like Photogene. This App has all the expected capabilities (crop, straighten, sharpen, resize, add effects, etc.), while additionally allowing you to output you edited photos directly to your e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and iPad photo library.

Photosmith App: A new App that allows you to review images and organize them into collections and add data, rate and share each image.

More Cool Stuff

For Professional Photographers:

iPad Portfolio: Most professional photographers with an iPad have discovered its incredible capabilities as a professional portfolio. Easy to maneuver with great viewing quality, the iPad has become a portable portfolio that photographers can display at a moment’s notice.

Photo Releases: Two different Apps provide both Model and Property release forms that you can substitute for those outdated paper forms. Easy Release is a generic form to which you can add your company’s information. Contract Maker Pro assists in making custom releases by providing a common template in which you can adapt custom fields to fit your unique needs.

For Recreational Photographers:

Artify: Do you like both photography and painting? This App transforms any image you choose into impressionistic artwork, later allowing you to sharpen details of faces or objects. Or you can customize your image by using your 
finger as a small, medium or large brush to alter the look of your photo.

Airplay: Allows you to stream images wirelessly from your iPad to HDTV.

Airprint: Wireless printing straight from your iPad.

Clearly this is not an exhaustive description of the possibilities that the iPad can bring to the world of Photography, but it demonstrates the basic benefits. While the iPad may not replace traditional forms or photography development, it is clearly learning the tricks of the trade. And who knows? Maybe someday the camera will be a thing of the past.